Controlled                             Environmental                        Agriculture


Design an Efficient & Cost Effective

Aquaponic or Hydroponic System


  Develop an Optimized Crop Production,

Greenhouse or Pest Management Plan 


Gain Insight on Nutrient & Crop Quality

or Supplemental Lighting Requirements 

We tailor our consultations to meet the 

unique needs of every client by undertaking 

any CEA based project, big or small! 


CEA Cultivation
System Design

EPIC specializes in Aquaponic production but is equally adept at Hydroponic development too

We utilize the Grow Method that's Optimized for your Crop Variety & Environment:

    - NFT (Nutrient Film Technique) 

    - Ebb & Flood 

    - Deep Water Culture 

    - Slab / Bucket Drip 

    - Media Bed

    - Vertical     

Production Parameter Development

Determine imperative cultivation & GH based requirements for

your unique CEA project

CEA System Analysis

Full testing & analysis services for current

CEA system 

Our Horticultural Consulting Expertise covers All the CEA Bases:

    - GH Structure, Design, Components, Expansion

    - Crop Production Specs (Yield, Area, Schedule) 

    - Psychrometric Parameters

    - Fluid, Pressure Dynamics

    - Heating Methods

    - Ventilation Methods

    - HVAC, Closed-Loop 



We Provide Lab Testing & in depth Analysis of All vital CEA System Necessities:

    - (13) Essential Crop Nutrients (Solution, Tissue)

    - Aquaponics --> Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate 

    - Deficiency/Toxicity/Disease Identification

    - IPM (Integrated Pest Management)

    - Supplemental Lighting Plan

    - Crop & Fish Selection, Growth Plan

    - Correlating Various Parameters


Consultation Rates for Larger Projects vary based
on Size & Complexity:
CEA Testing, Analysis & Troubleshooting  =  ($30) per hr
CEA System & GH Design/Development  =  ($45) per hr
At EPIC GrowTech we are confident in our ability to provide our clients with the Best Information & Innovative Services available so that each CEA Vision
has the opportunity to be transformed into a Successful Endeavor!
Check out some of the Past CEA Projects & Experiences used to develop our understanding of CEA including Several Copyright Examples of Commercial Aquaponic & Hydroponic System Design :

All Photos are from Real CEA & Aquaponic Research Projects!