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EPIC GrowTech Relies on Solid Scientific Research & Experimentation to Develop Patented Aquaponic Products with Unique Capabilities.

At the Forefront of Our R&D Efforts is the Aquaponic Research Station Located at Tanque Verde High School in (Tucson, AZ) which will be Dedicated to Expanding Our Understanding of the Natural Processes Driving Aquaponic Production.


Research will Continue to be a Major Component of Our Focus Enabling EPIC GrowTech to Remain at the Forefront of CEA Knowledge & Understanding! 

We Regularly Post Aquaponic Research and Discoveries on this Page as well as Seek Peaks of Our New Products!


Tanque Verde School Aquaponic Research Station Blog

The Tanque Verde Aquaponic Research Station is a

(32' x 48') Greenhouse & EPIC GrowTech's

Main Base of R&D Operations

-  Aquaponic Experiments & Crop Growth Trials

-  Aquaponic System Engineering Research

-  Aquaponic Supplements & Water Quality Research

-  IPM & Environmental Experiments

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EPIC AquaGrow Aquaponic Product & Company Blog

Learn About the Vital R&D that Goes into Our

AquaGrow Aquaponics Systems &

 Get Insight Into New Products

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