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The (10-Gal) AquaGrow 'Mini' System is the First Small-Scale Plug n’ Grow Aquaponic Kit Capable of Cultivating Both Vegetative & Reproductive (Blooming) Crops Using Patented Organic & Carbonate Supplements Specially Formulated to Optimize the Aquaponic Environment as well as Minimize Required Maintenance/Observation.

The AquaGrow Represent the Next Step in Sustainable Agriculture Development Providing Growers with Significant Control Over the Environment without Sacrificing Any of the Advantages Commonly Associated with Aquaponic Production. 

Developed Primarily as an Affordable Aquaponic Setup for Hobbyists; Scaled to Fit Almost Anywhere within a Tiny (20” x 10”) Footprint. Provides Growers of All Ages with a Unique Hands-On Experience that’s Highly Engaging, Easy to Understand, Maintain & Most Importantly Safe. 

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Above is the Final AquaGrow 'Mini' Prototype which will be Used to Produce the Actual Product Summer (2022). 

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AquaGrow "Mini" Advantages

1. Cultivate Most ANY Crop Desired

Our kits come w/ carefully researched, patented, limited nutrient supplement blends making ideal reproductive crop cultivation possible for the 1st time w/ aquaponics!

2. Production Simplicity | Consistency   

Our grow methods utilize the natural bio-processes of aquaponics to self-automate parameter accuracy & stability.  This means overall the AquaGrow does not require significant attention & maintenance! This is unlike hydroponics which requires complex | expensive tech to mimic the AquaGrow

3. Super Affordable Over Time

Save Up to (70%) or more on total operations cost over similar hydroponics kits! 

4. Sustainable & Safe Cultivation

Save (>95%) on total water loss  |  (100%) natural (organic) supplements  |  Zero toxic components  |  Requires very few inputs over time

5. Every Kit Is "Plug & Grow" Ready

All the components required to make cultivating with the AquaGrow Mini a breeze are included w/ every system!

A FREE simple yet detailed "Full Aquaponics Guide" is included w/ every purchase. (3-Yrs) in the making!

Images of V1.1 of the AquaGrow 'Mini' Aquaponic System Prototypes




CROP (#)

FISH (#)

(20" x 10")

2 - 4

1 - 2




MSRP ($)




1)  AquaGrow “Pro” Aquaponic System 

2)  AquaGrow Aquaponics Supplements

           -  Includes Patented Organic Bloom Booster (BB)  +

              Carbonate Booster (CB)

           -  (BB) Adds Limited Nutrients for Blooming  +  

              Trace Minerals, Vitamins, Hormones & Amino Acids  +  

              Increases Bioavailability & Uptake

           -  (CB) Buffers pH  +  Optimizes Nitrification Maintaining

              Parameters Long Term  +  Adds Additional Limited

              Macro & Micro Nutrients

3)  AquaGrow Aquaponics Troubleshooting 

     & Cultivation Guide

4)  Complete Aquaponic Water Quality

     Testing Kit

            -  Use to Verify Aquaponic Parameters & Solve

               Common Challenges 

            -  Measure pH | Alkalinity | Hardness | Ca | Mg |

               NH3/NH4 | NO2 | NO3  | PO4 | K   

new aquagrow mini pic 4.jpg

Above are the AquaGrow Aquaponic Supplements (Left), Accessories & Tests (Right) Included with Every AquaGrow "Mini" Aquaponic System 


1)  Research Used to Develop All Our

    Aquaponic Products 

       -  Dedicated Aquaponic Research Station at Tanque

          Verde Highschool (Completion - Jan. 2022).

       -  Unique “Pro” System Designs & Functions are

          Based on (>5-Yrs) of Aquaponic R&D.

       -  R&D will Always be Our Primary Method of

          Product Improvement.

       -  Expands Our Understanding of Complex

          Aquaponic Processes.

       -  Give Aquaponics Potential to Replace Less

          Sustainable Grow Methods.

       -  Can be Used to Improve Food Security &

          Reduce Pollution Globally

2)  All Inclusive System Kit with Enhanced    


       -  (1st) Complete “Plug n Grow” Aquaponic Setup Capable of

          Cultivating Blooming & Vegetative Crops

       -  Long-Term Regulation of Aquaponic Environment Minimizes

          Maintenance/Observation Up to (50%)

       -  Can be Used to Teach a Variety of Educational Topics in Addition

          to Sustainable Agriculture

3)  Water-Proof Neodymium Magnet Assembly 

        -  Replaces Traditional Nuts, Bolts & Seals Holding Removable

           Aquaponic Components in Place.

        -  Greatly Simplifies System Setup + Maintenance

        -  Produces a Leak-Free, Safe & Durable Design

        -  Removable Parts can be Easily & Cheaply Replaced 

epic aquagrow mini system.jpg

Above is the Very First AquaGrow 'Mini' Aquaponic System Prototype (V1.0), the Finalized Model is (V1.2)

float valve mini.jpg

Left: Float Valve Used to Automatically Add Water to the System Eliminating the Need for Manual Watering.

4)  Automatic Float Valve Assembly 

       -  Automatically Maintains an Ideal Water Level within

          the System Over Time.

       -  When in Use the System Never Needs to be

          Watered Manually & can be Left Unobserved.

       -  Can be Connected Directly to Any Garden Hose

          Outlets as well as a Variety of Popular Water

          Filtration Setups.

5)  Drip-Based Grow Method 

        -  Rigorous Patented Filtration Process

        -  Enables Use of a Drip Manifold which is Optimal

           for Cultivating a Greater Variety of Crops. 

 (Tomatoes, Peppers, Cucumbers, Melons, Squash, Eggplant, Peas/Beans, ect)

6)  Custom Grow Tray Design

        -  Uniquely Fabricated to Hold the Larger Crops.

        -  Holds the Air Pump & Fish Feeder

        -  Captures Recycled Nutrient Solution

        -  Provides Access to the Inside of the Fish Tank

        -  Powerful Magnets Holds the Tray Securely

aquagrow mini drawing grow tray.jpg

Left is the AquaGrow 'Mini' Aquaponic System's Grow Tray which is Heavily Modified to Provide Users with an Optimal Growing Experience.


Powerful Water-Proof Neodymium Magnets (Represented by the Dotted Rectangles) 

Hold the Grow Tray in Place Making the 'Mini' Easier to Assemble & Maintain than Other Systems.

The Grow Tray can be Opened to get into the Fish Tank w/o Disrupting System Function & can be Used Over & Over without Wearing Out


Above: The 'Mini' System's Grow Tray is Held in Place by Magnets Including a Lid that Allows Access to the Fish Tank w/o Disrupting System Function. Can be Opened Over & Over without Wearing Out