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Plug & Grow Aquaponics for Everyone

Complete Professional Aquaponics Systems, 

R+D & Consulting for Educational

Sustainable Urban Farming!

Get More Using Less with Aquaponics

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Our Primary Goal at EPIC GrowTech is the Development of Revolutionary Aquaponic Systems that Provide Growers with Complete Control Over the One of the World's Most Sustainable Cultivation Methods for the First Time!


Years of Scientific R&D Methods are Utilized to Carefully Fabricate Every Aquaponic Design Making Them Easy to Run, Safe to Use & All Inclusive. The AquaGrow Aquaponic Systems are the (1st) Kits to Include Both Aquaponic Specific Supplements & a Complete Aquaponic Cultivation + Troubleshooting Guide Providing even the Most Inexperienced Grower with All the Tools Needed to Become an Expert!

At EPIC GrowTech We Believe Aquaponics will have an Immense Impact on the Future of Sustainable Agriculture with the Potential to Improve Food Security All Across the World as well as Balance Humanities Natural Resource Consumption 

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First Complete "Plug & Grow" Aquaponic Systems with the Ability to Cultivate

Both Vegetative & Reproductive Crops


 Incorporates Unique Aquaponic Advantages that Hydroponics cant Replicate

The AquaGrow's Exceptional Stability, Function & Safety Makes it an Ideal Tool for Education

AquagROW Pro Picture for Brochure.jpg

ABOVE: Finalized EPIC AquaGrow "Pro" Aquaponic System Prototype. The Pro System Series includes aquaponic systems with the following footprints - (2' x 4') | (4' x 4') | (4' x 8')  

Features the Tanque Verde School 

Aquaponics Research Station

AquaGrow Aquaponics R&D +

Product Updates


Aquaponic Experiments & Discoveries


EPIC GrowTech News & Developments


Aquaponic System Design

Hydroponic System Design 


System & Crop Troubleshooting

Customized to Meet Needs

of the Client

Affordable w/ Satisfaction 


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